Being active in the winter is important to your overall health.   Here are some activities you can do in the winter to remain active.


1.   Skating

Here is a link to all the outdoor skating rinks in Toronto

2.  Skiing

Here is a link to many ski resorts in Ontario

3.  Build a Snowman

4.  Snowshoeing

5.  Ice Fishing

6.  Teach your kids to sew or knit

7.  Warm up around a winter campfire

8.  Play soccer in the snow

9.   Make a Puzzle

10.  Make yourself some hot chocolate

11.   Go on a winter hike

12.  Watch lots of movies

13.   Setup an outside scavenger hunt

14.   Tour the neighbourhood and look at holiday decorations

15.  Go tobogganing

16.  Bake some healthy Cookies!

17.   Make Snow angels

18.   Catch a snowflake on your tongue

19.   Play board games

20.   Go see the Northern Lights

21.   Throw a Fondue Party

22.  Feed Birds Outside

23.  Play Outdoor Hockey

24.  Throw a Party

25.  Make a winter wreath

26.  Make a family time capsule

27.  Watch a holiday parade

28.  Make someone you love breakfast in Bed.

29.  Visit Quebec City

30.  Organize all the rooms in your  house

31.  Make some Paper Snowflakes


Do you have a great idea of what you like to do during the cold winter months.  Please email us some suggestions we can add to the list.