While reading my newsfeed on facebook, I kept coming across a posting that said that you could put your green onions in cup or jar and fill it with water, and they will continue to grow. Each time you need to use green onions in your cooking, you can just cut some off and use it. After a few days, the part you cut off will grow back strong and healthy. I was skeptical, would it really work? So here is what happened.

1. I purchased green onions for the supermarket

2. I filled a glass jar with water and put the green onions into the jar with water

3. I waited.

4. Here is the result after 24 hours, not doing so well, i admit i was a bit discouraged.

5.  Here is the result about 2 days later, we have a bit more life and some growth.    I admit after 24 hours, I was a bit discouraged, but I’m feeling a little better now, that this may actually work!!

6.   After another 24-48 hours…here is the result.   They are thriving now!    Now it seems like I have an endless supply of Green Onions or as some call it Scallions!


7.   I decided that they needed a bit of a trim, as they started to grow out of control!


8.  Now you can do the same.  Go to your grocery store and purchase some green onions, and put them in water.   You can even decide to plant them in soil, and I’m sure they will do a lot better if you do that!        Please be sure to email me some pictures so I know how it goes, and I can post them on this page.



Good Luck!