I am to this day always amazed at how effective acupuncture is for aiding someone to quit smoking. We learned how to do the NADA protocol which has been used for decades in hospitals, clinics, drug and alcohol rehab programs and in many quit smoking programs. It is not just for cigarette addiction, it is for all addictions.

The NADA protocol is consists of 5 points in each ear, which remains for about 30-45 minutes. These 5 points help to do curb cravings, decrease stress, balance the body, aid in detoxification, and it really just feels great!


The 5 points we do and why we do them in a nutshell
1. Shenmen Point – This point translates to spirit gate, and it aids in calming down the mind and the emotions. It’s the stress relieving point

2. Autonomic Nervous System Point – This point is used to balance the autonomic nervous system ( ANS) . The ANS controls the functioning of all the systems in your body which take place automatically, such as heart rate, liver function, breathing etc)

3. Kidney Point – This organ is responsible to help eliminate toxins in the blood, and if you cut down on smoking, more toxins are going to go into your blood at first, because the cells are cleaning themselves out, and it does this through the blood. The Kidney in Chinese Medicine is the root of both yin and yang, and this point helps support you from a deep source while you move through this transition in your life.

4. Liver Point – For obvious reasons we add the liver point, because it aids in blood detoxification, and has been highly impacted from the excess chemicals from the cigarette smoke. The liver in Chinese Medicine helps make the qi or energy flow smoothly, and when this occurs, there is less stress. Having less stress allows you digest your food better, and you then start to bring in better quality energy into your body.

5. Lung Point – Our last but definitely not least important point is the lung. We want to aid in the healing of the lung tissue, improve breathing, clear your airways. The lung pertains to one of your vital sources of new energy, the air you breathe. It is important to strengthen your lungs and this is why it is an important point in the entire treatment.
If you would like to quit smoking, please contact us for a complimentary NADA treatment. 5 needles and a half an hour later, you will know why people use ear —-acupuncture to help them quit smoking.


Written by Jason Tarter, D.Ac, part of Traditional Healing Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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