Period Pain may be eliminated…

Period Pain can ruin your life!  As a male, I couldn’t even imagine having to dread period pain every month.  For some woman, it’s a breeze…But for others it’s a nightmare.   I usually get woman to rate their period pain out of 10, and if they are scoring high on that scale, there are some serious problems going on, at least I think so.

I usually see period pain and clotting go together.  It is not always the case, but 9 times out of 10 they coincide.   The clotting is because the uterine lining is not shedding smoothly, and the rough exit from your body is causing the pain.   There could be many reasons why the uterine lining is not moving out smoothly, and a more thorough conversation is required.   To rid your period pain, we need to eliminate any clotting.   From a Chinese Medicine perspective, we give herbs which move blood to help stop pain!

Even though I don’t get a period every month, I am still very good at analyzing your menstruation cycle from beginning to end.   Every aspect of your period is a clue into how to treat it, including duration, pain level, pms symptoms, blood quality, and other signs and symptoms.    Altogether they paint a picture, and we call this picture a pattern.   Finding out your Chinese Medicine pattern is the important first step.

Chinese Medicine is very complex because we analyze a lot of symptoms to make sense of them all.   A great practitioner will spend enough time with you, especially on the first visit, to get an accurate diagnosis.


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