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Sep 28

5 Things to do so you don’t get sick during the fall

Fall is here, whether you like it not. Do you know what comes next? Yes you got it right, winter cold.  The things  you do in the fall which dictate how you feel in the Winter. There are certain habits which are important to keep your immunity strong, your circulation moving, and your energy high. […]

Apr 23

Top 5 Reasons to Get Acupuncture

1. Personalized Care There is no one size fits all for Acupuncture treatments. Each patient receives a different treatment all the time. There are no two patients who receive the same treatment ever! Compared to conventional medicine; if you have acid reflux, you take the same type of pill everyone else takes. Acupuncture treats each […]

Mar 6

Pediatric Traditional Chinese Medicine – Does it Work?

Pediatric Traditional Chinese Medicine – Does it Work?

Pediatrics with Traditional Chinese Medicine Treating children with Traditional Chinese Medicine is becoming quite popular. Children have weak constitutions, immature digestive systems, tend to get sick easily, but they also heal very fast. Children are considered more yang ( heat ) and they are constantly growing and changing and need the extra heat and energy […]

Mar 6

Dry Needle Therapy Vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dry Needle Therapy Vs. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dry Needle Therapy Debate There is a huge debate about the difference of Dry Needling and Acupuncture. Bottom line, Dry Needling is Acupuncture, but those who do not have the proper education in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture claim that it is different. Often these practitioners do not have adequate education in performing Acupuncture, and you […]