I can treat more than what is on this list, but I enjoy treating the following conditions.

Women’s Health Conditions

Painful Periods
If you dread that time of the month because you are in so much pain, and it’s affecting your life and relationships.  Any period pain is a problem.

Cold Body
Do you have health problems and a very cold body, meaning you get cold really easily, wear more clothes than other people, and prefer your home temperature to be warmer.   Your feet may also be icicles.

Irregular Cycles
If your cycle flops all over the place, missed menses, long or short cycles

Issues with getting pregnant or habitual miscarriages.


Digestive Annoyances

Having digestive problems can be one of the worst things ever!   Urgency, constipation, pain and discomfort, from the Upper GI Tract to the Lower, it can all become so messy!   The importance of digestion is because this is where you obtain all your nutrition, and if it isn’t working properly, your cannot absorb efficiently.

Acid Reflux
If you eat specific food or it happens randomly, if you have had it for 2 weeks or 10 years;  Chinese Herbal Medicine to the rescue.

Soft Stools, Hard Stools, Sticky Stools, Hemorrhoids, Embarrassment, Fear of going out because of urgency.

If you are not having one good solid bowel movement a day ( if not 2) you are constipated.    If you are missing one day a week, you are mild.  If you are missing 2-3 days a week, it’s not good at all.  If you are going once or less per week,  you have a serious problem.

Real diarrhea is coming out like water or close to it.  ( did you gag?)   If you face this problem on a constant basis and cannot stop it.

Low/High Appetite
If you are always hungry, and thirsty and eat too much food/drink for your size.

Digestive Pain
This usually weaves itself throughout everything mentioned above.   General Bloating, distention, bowel stabbing pain and cramps.   They all need to go.