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Sep 30

Apple Picking During the Fall

  I love picking apples in the fall. My favorite thing to do with apples is make apple sauce! Let’s find out what we know about Apples. Apples are… Cooling to the body Produces more fluids Protects the lungs from cigarette smoke Helps indigestion Benefits the Liver and Gallbladder Apple Sauce Recipe 50 Ways to […]

Feb 27

Congee Recipe from a Chinese Medicine Perspective

How to Make Congee with this simple Congee Recipe Traditional known as rice water, congee is eaten throughout China as a breakfast food. It is a thin porridge or gruel consisting of rice simmered in five to six times the amount of water. You can also use millet, spelt or other grains. Cook the rice […]

Oct 9

The Season of Fall based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

For Chinese Medicine, we are in the season of the Lung and Large Intestine.   It is the season of dryness, and the new season signifies the time to start changing your diet, if you have not done so. Every single season you need to change your diet to stay healthy. In general, move away from […]

Oct 2

Get your Pumpkin Fix

  There are pumpkins everywhere at this time of the year.  As I stroll up to my local grocery store, pumpkins are scattered everything waiting to be bought.  It reminds me when I was a kid ( or last year for that matter), stripping the pumpkin seeds from the sides of the pumpkin, just before […]