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Nov 5

Stop Nausea with Chinese Medicine

  Are you feeling nausea?  Do you feel sick and you need to vomit?  It really isn’t a great feeling, and it is a warning sign of other health concerns which you need to fix immediately. There are many causes of nausea including gastrointestinal issues, severe pain, bowel obstructions, food poisoning, bacteria and viruses, certain […]

Aug 27

You Are Most Likely Constipated

I ask people daily about their bowel movements. Yes, sounds a bit shitty, but it’s a very important subject. The characteristics of your bowel movements provide valuable information about your overall health. Having proper digestion can mean the difference of having lots of energy or no energy at all.   If you are constipated, and not […]

Jun 11

Bobby Borborygmos – Do you make music with your intestines?

During my studies, I was learning all kinds of different health conditions. During a western diagnosis class, I was introduced to my new friend ‘borborygmos’, which I named ‘Bobby’ for short. Borborygmous is defined as an audible abdominal sound produced by hyperactive intestinal peristalsis. Now whenever I hear Bobby sounds on the treatment table from […]