During my studies, I was learning all kinds of different health conditions. During a western diagnosis class, I was introduced to my new friend ‘borborygmos’, which I named ‘Bobby’ for short. Borborygmous is defined as an audible abdominal sound produced by hyperactive intestinal peristalsis. Now whenever I hear Bobby sounds on the treatment table from one of my patients, I always introduce them to their good friend “Bobby Borborygmos”

We’ve all met Bobby before! Have you ever been sitting down and hear loud sounds coming from your abdomen. Gurgleleleleglglelglglglglglg…. Sometimes it happens when you haven’t eaten for a long time, sometimes it happens after you’ve eaten a lot of food, possibly the wrong food, and sometimes it happens randomly.

In Chinese medicine, it means that you food is not digesting properly, and/or the conditions inside your digestive tract are not ideal. It shows that you have too much dampness in your body, and it’s time to get rid of this dampness.

There are several ways to get rid of dampness, which is essentially too much water. It’s not just any type of water, we refer to this water as turbid water, and it needs to come out! If you find yourself bloating after you eat, have diarrhea, excess amounts of phlegm or mucus in your sinuses and chest, high cholesterol or water retention, you may be harboring a lot of extra dampness in your body.

So what can you do?

Contact me to find out how you can combat your dampness, and remove this sluggish feeling you are experiencing! We all have some form of dampness going on, and some of us use it to make music.