Ear Acupuncture or Auricular Acupuncture is effective for a wide range of health conditions. Often only a handful of needles in each ear can elicit a very quick response. It is one of the reasons why I sell “do it yourself” ear seed treatments at my clinic, because it’s easy to do and effective for home use as well as in a clinic setting.


Auricular Acupuncture Treatments

At Traditional Healing Centre Ear/Auricular Acupuncture treatments cost $25 and take about 30 minutes. Schedule an auricular acupuncture treatment to treat a wide variety of conditions. The most common conditions I treat with Ear acupuncture include;

Addictions ( alcohol, cigarettes etc)
Emotional ( Depression, anxiety)
Weight Loss
Chest Pain
Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure)
Hypotension ( Low Blood Pressure)
Dizziness and Vertigo
…and many more.

Auricular Acupuncture Ear Seeds

Auricular Acupuncture Ear Seeds

Ear seeds are do-it-yourself ear treatments. Instead of needles, we use vacarria seeds. Small black vaccaria seeds are placed on the ear with a piece of tape over various acupressure points. The continuous mild pressure they have is increased by stimulating the seed with a couple seconds of massage every couple hours.

Visit earseeds.ca and Purchase Ear Seeds Online and we can ship them directly to your home.