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A new study was done by Dr. Luis Ulloa, an immunologist at Rutgers University and lead on the study, who said in a press release that  ” When acupuncture first became popular in the western hemisphere it had its doubters. It still does. But over time, through detailed observation, scientists have produced real evidence that ancient Chinese practitioners of the medical arts were onto something.

It was also stated that:

“The research sheds new light on the effects of acupuncture on inflammation. Aside from benefitting inflammatory disease care, a solid understanding of this connection would also improve treatment strategies for sepsis — an infection that kills about 250,000 Americans annually. “In many cases patients don’t die because of the infection — they die because of the inflammatorydisorder they develop after the infection,” Ulloa explained.  “So we hoped to study how to control the inflammatory disorder.”

You can read the entire press release here