I started my education at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and finished my education at the Institute of Traditional Medicine.  Both Schools are located in Toronto, Ontario.   My studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been taught by a collective of teachers from China and North America including Kaleb Montgomery,  Amanda Liu, Annie Zhu, Mona Bolton,  and Robert Helmer.   My studies included over 3400 hours of in school class instruction and practical application.

Why I chose to Practice Traditional Chinese Medicine

My first encounter with Chinese Medicine was with a Naturopathic doctor in London Ontario, which benefited my mind, physical body and spirit.   At the same time I focused on my diet and eating regimen and saw great progress in my overall health and elimination of unwanted emotional and physical symptoms.     I decided that I wanted health care to be my career path and I chose Traditional Chinese Medicine to be my focus.     I felt drawn to Chinese Medicine because after experiencing, researching it, and living it, I knew that it was the right medicine for me to use to help others.  ( and myself)

Course Departments at Institute of Traditional Medicine
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine Diagnosis
Biomedical Science
Healing Arts
Herbal Medicine
Asian Bodywork
Integrated Studies
Integrative Nutrition
Human Development & Ethical Business Management

Specialty Courses Completed
Infertility Debra Betts
Acupuncture Physiatrics with Noel Wright
Cosmetic Acupuncture with Dr. Marth Lucas

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